Online videos an MPG calculator and customization tool aim to attract and aid first-time car buyers.

Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi LA have launched a car configurator on YouTube for the Prius c, which allows potential buyers to learn about the vehicle through video tutorials and tools.

The configurator is aimed at the Prius c’s target demographic of young urban professionals looking to buy their first car. These digitally active customers are always seeking useful online tools that help them forge their opinions about what to buy.

There are video tutorials about financial planning, buying from a dealership, and the vehicle’s high-tech features. There is also an MPG calculator to see how much fuel you would use on a regular route, and a customization tool that lets you choose different car colors, wheels, seats and other features. The configurator, which is part of a larger ‘Game of Life’-themed campaign for the Prius involving a partnership between Toyota and Hasbro, can also be shared with others via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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