Creative trash collectors in Germany combined their love of photography with work tools to capture stunning portraits.

Four garbage collectors in Hamburg, Germany have converted large dumpsters into giant pinhole cameras to photograph their city. Dubbed the Trashcam Project, images were created by drilling a few tiny holes into the front of each trash bin and placing Ilford photo paper inside. The dumpsters are converted by drilling tiny holes into the front of the structure and then hanging large sheets of photo paper inside.

The stunning photographs you see below were captured when the pinhole photographers positioned the “trashcam” and secured it in place, waiting up to an hour until an image had formed. While the process is unique, the results are incredible and even more so when you think of how Christoph Blaschke, Mirko Derpmann, Scholz & Friends Berlin, Matthias Hewing and the Hamburg sanitation department created this project with their work tools.

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