An increasing number of celebrities are singing the praises of their sponsors on Twitter, but what good do such endorsements really do?

This article titled “The value of a tweet” was written by Leo Hickman, for The Guardian on Tuesday 10th April 2012 19.00 UTC

‘The day when a sportsman … lets considerations of vanity or interest take over, on this day his ideal will die.” So remarked Pierre de Coubertin, who founded the modern Olympic Games in 1896. We’ll never know what he would have made of the practice among some current athletes to post sponsored tweets, but we can safely assume he would have disapproved. The Office of Fair Trading is said to be equally disapproving of celebrities who tweet positively about their sponsors, without revealing to their followers that such a commercial relationship exists. And some Olympic coaches have also expressed concern that such activities are a distraction when the focus should be solely on training.

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