Vegas Hangover Bus Cures Your Morning-After Headaches

Vegas Hangover Bus Cures Your Morning-After Headaches

Service in Vegas replenishes heavy-drinkers with hydrating 45-minute IV treatments.

Yi Chen
  • 12 april 2012

A trip to Las Vegas, USA, can mean a long night of partying with lots of alcoholic drinks and shots. You often wouldn’t concern yourself with the consequences until the next morning when your head throbs and your body is unable to function properly. Now, having a bad hangover in Vegas could be a thing of the past with Hangover Heaven.

The bus service offers hydrating, vitamin-enriched IVs to replenish your mind and body from the one too many drinks the night before. The 45-minute session starts from $150 and the treatment can even be delivered right in the comfort of your hotel room.

Hangover Heaven claims that all of its medication and equipment is FDA-approved. On its website, the company states that the procedure is safe and its formulated medications have been used “all over the world hundreds of thousands of times.”

Watch the video below to hear a testimonial from a Vegas party-goer and see how Hangover Heaven works:

Hangover Heaven


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