Jeff Staple On Best In Class Service

Jeff Staple On Best In Class Service

Design pioneer gives his five favorite examples of retail experience.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 14 april 2012

In our digitally infused world, more and more companies seem to opt for the click over the human touch. At PSFK, we believe that personal service still is critical in creating a differentiated service. To investigate this theme further, we’re running a series of interviews with experts. We asked Jeff Staple  to list us five great service experiences he cherishes. With his various companies, Jeff has been innovating at the intersection of retail, design and fashion for over a decade. Here are Jeff’s five favorite examples of service:

The Four Seasons. Seattle, WA.
The staff here knows the PERFECT amount of attentiveness. Not too fake and pushy. Not aloof and lazy. That half smile and nod is all that’s needed. They are there when you need them and invisible when you don’t. It is truly an art form. A  point person standing right outside the elevator reminds me of The Cerulean Tower in Tokyo. This person acts as a delegator for whatever your needs might be. I actually wrote a review of how good their service is recently: 


Kiosk Store. Soho, NYC.
My second favorite store in NYC (next to Reed Space)

Soph. Tokyo, Japan

The best customer service store in Japan.
I ordered a pair of shoes from them over a year ago. I walked into the store recently, unannounced, and the salesperson pulled it right out for me immediately. It was incredible.

OneWorld / AA / JAL Lounge at Narita Airport, Japan

A serene oasis before a long haul flight. The staff here remembers all your likes and dislikes—down to what newspaper you prefer.

Eleven Madison Park, NYC

Danny Meyer’s restaurant sets the bar for service that is there—but not there. I think good service should be always available at a moment’s notice, yet also completely invisible at the same time.

Jeff Staple is the founder of Staple Design and Reed Space NYC.

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