PSFK chats with founder Sharon Change about who today's Social Innovation Rockstars are and how can they help create real change?

Yoxi.TV is an innovative media platform that helps discover and develop Social Innovation Rockstars (SIR)’s with a goal of building partnerships to create shared value and bring about real change. We recently had an opportunity to speak with Sharon Chang, the company’s founder, to learn more about Yoxi.TV’s mission and the growing social good movement.

Tell us a bit about Yoxi.TV and the larger company mission.

Yoxi is a media organization that discovers and elevates social entrepreneurs by leveraging their expertise for shared value business opportunities. We support and create “Social Innovation Rockstars” (SIRs) by developing compelling content that connects key stakeholders to drive social change, while generating broad appeal and deep engagement to define the pop culture of social innovation.

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