The renown designer and founder of fuseproject shares how he has come to view green design principles as a help not a hindrance.

PSFK recently wrote about the latest project from the mind of uber-design Yves Behar of fuseproject: a redesign of the classic Soda Stream soda fountain.

Yves recently released a design statement explaining why he believes this item warranted a makeover, and how rethinking the fundamentals of design is the only way we are going to make more innovative products:

Sustainability is an opportunity to make any product or service more efficient for the world, and more practical and engaging for the users. We set out on a journey to apply a vision of “reduce and refine” to the entire sparkling water and soda making experience. The focus became to make the soda making experience more drastically improved with world class mechanical engineering refined to acquire a refined simplicity on the kitchen counter.

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