To increase public awareness for abandoned animals, Pedigree created a unique film experience that allows moviegoers to see the benefits of their donations.

Dog food brand Pedigree launched its new 3D campaign in support of pet adoption drives. The company offers moviegoers the option of giving a small donation to the Pedigree Adoption Drive and receiving a special pair of 3D glasses that enables viewers to watch an advertisement before the movie began. Those who didn't purchase the 3D glasses will continue using the glasses that the theater offers but instead will watch the same ad, but with a completely different story. The campaign, designed by Colenso BBDO, Auckland, adapted 3D technology to enable viewers to screen two different films on the same cinema screen. One showed a dog that was lucky enough to have been rescued, and the other showing one that was not as lucky. Those who wear the special glasses will get to watch the benefits of their donations while those who didn't donate will screen a more emotional version. Check out the two versions of the ad below.

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