App Unclutters Twitter & Highlights Relevant Updates

App Unclutters Twitter & Highlights Relevant Updates

Thirst claims to revolutionize the way users can filter and read tweets.

Yi Chen
  • 18 may 2012

Thirst is a dedicated Twitter app that plans to change the way users find and view tweets. The iPad app allows users to “rediscover” Twitter by filtering and organizing updates that are more relevant. Users can specify topics they want to follow, such as brands, people, products, and virtually anything they’re interested in. Tweets that come through a user’s stream are then arranged according to the topics.

What makes Thirst seamless to use is not only the user-friendly interface, but also its capability to identify tweets and categorize them accurately. For example, the app is able to determine when someone is talking about Apple the tech brand, or the fruit apple.

The free app is only available for the iPad with plans to roll it out on the iPhone and also Android devices in the future.



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