Artist Spins Classic Paintings Using A Turntable [Pics]

Artist Spins Classic Paintings Using A Turntable [Pics]
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Classic paintings spun on a turntable are photographed at various shutter speeds to view familiar images in a new way.

Plus Aziz
  • 28 may 2012

Israeli Photographer Tamir Sher was about to throw his record player away when inspiration struck, deciding to create his project “Masters on 45s”. Sher placed placed reproductions of classic paintings on his old turntable and then photographed the photos at varying speeds, literally ‘re-mixing’ the famous works. Van Gogh, Raphael, and van Eyck are among the recognizable artists Sher chose to use for ‘Masters on 45s,’ their work transformed for the digital age.

The ‘Masters on 45s’ is an interesting way to bridge the old world of fine art with contemporary, digital photography, creating ‘new presentation’ and a different perspective on famous works.

Tamir Sher

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