Sayduck aim to solve the missing link between online and offline retail by letting customers visualize objects in their intended environment.

London and Helsinki-based startup Sayduck has created an augmented reality app that allows users to see how a piece of furniture looks in their home before buying it. This visualization solution utilizes the live camera feed of a mobile device and projects a virtual representation of the object in real-time on a tracking marker, allowing the user to view the virtual object from any angle. This solves the problem of picturing how a piece of furniture would fit in its intended environment.

Sayduck was founded by Mikko Martikainen, Niklas Slotte and Mikael Ylinen, who all have backgrounds in technology, visual effects, and mobile marketing. They aim to partner with furniture manufacturers and retailers around the world, and have already begun working with their first client, One Nordic Furniture Company. You can check out their video introduction below:

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