The heads-up display can be installed in a vehicle and features augmented reality-enabled stats, directions, weather, etc.

Pioneer will be releasing a new car navigation system equipped with a head-up display (HUD), that shows augmented reality (AR) information for the driver on the windshield. The “Cyber Navi” uses a HUD attached on the driver’s side, which displays a 90 x 30cm color image about 3m ahead of them.

Tech-On reports that Bluetooth is used for data communication between the HUD and the main unit of the navigation system, which features four driving modes and a remote control to switch between them. The Cyber Navi’s main unit can display an image taken by an automotive camera while superimposing information on top, as well as more detail about the route and a speed limit sign alert system. The Cyber Navi will be released in late July and you can see it in action in the video below:

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