UC Berkeley student programmed his lights, curtains, and music to turn on/off with a push of a button or simple voice command like 'party mode.'

College dorm rooms tend to be pretty bland.  Harsh florescent lighting, cramped space, and sterile tile floors are the norm for most students. Some roommates try to personalize the space with matching bedding or window treatments, but one college freshman has taken room personalization to a new extreme–he’s automated everything in his dorm room.

UC Berkeley freshman Derek Low spent the spring semester creating ‘B.R.A.D.’– the Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm. Low outfitted the dorm room with mechanical curtains, motion detection sensors, and automated lighting, all of which can be controlled with a wireless remote, iPhone or iPad app, or simple voice commands.  When Low enters the room, he trips the motion detection sensors, turning the overhead lights on, and merely pushes a button to open the curtains.

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