This short social media solution imagines a campaign by the vodka brand that gives people the opportunity to pay for their friends' cab ride home.

Brian G. Cheung and Vanessa Krchova from the Miami Ad School created a social media solution called ‘Smirnoff Guardians‘. The idea is for a Facebook campaign, which adds a ‘safe ride' option next to the like and comment features under posts, allowing users to become a virtual designated driver and pay for their friends' cab ride home when they check into bars and clubs. Their friends are alerted to the free ride via text and are given a code to redeem it. The ‘Guardian' receives points, which they can use to gain free access to clubs, skip the queues, and get a Smirnoff cocktail named after them. Watch the video below showing how this idea bridges the gap between online and offline activity using the power of social media:

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