BlackBerry latest campaign involves fake 'riots' outside their main competitor's Sydney outpost to market their new operating system.

Research In Motion, the company behind BlackBerry, has taken to an unconventional marketing campaign to draw attention to the release of its new BlackBerry10 operating system. Last week, a group of “protestors” clad in black invaded the space in front of an Apple store in Sydney, Australia, chanting and holding up signs that read “Wake Up!” Clips of the campaign were captured by an online blogger and the video went viral on YouTube.

Protestors were also seen at various TV stations in Sydney and even on a speedboat sporting the logo around Sydney Harbor. The slogan “Wake Up!” has also adorned the swimming pool at Icebergs, a sports club in Bondi Beach, as well as on numerous billboards across Sydney and Melbourne. When the news broke of the mysterious protest last week, the media suspected that Samsung, Apple’s main rival, had been behind the marketing stunt. However, RIM Australia has recently stepped up to claim the campaign. The “Wake Up” campaign coincides with the BlackBerry World Conference held in Florida and the upcoming release of the new BlackBerry10 operating system this Friday.

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