Braille Touchscreen Concept Smartphone For The Visually Impaired [Pics]

Braille Touchscreen Concept Smartphone For The Visually Impaired [Pics]
Design & Architecture

Mark DiLella's 'Clarity' phone features a Braille interface, user-definable keys, customizable menu and text-to-speech converter.

Emma Hutchings
  • 23 may 2012

The Clarity mobile phone concept by designer Mark DiLella has a host of features that aim to help the visually impaired make full use of the device. Its Braille interface is easy to use and able to display over 100 characters. The keyboard with six keys should be familiar to users of the Perkins Brailler, and two additional user-definable keys can provide access to apps, settings or contacts.

A second rear display shows any missed calls, new messages and voicemails the user has received. The phone’s main and secondary menus can be customized to allow frequently used apps to appear higher for fast access. Optional text-to-speech integration lets the user navigate and fully enjoy all the features of their mobile phone, and two large speakers on the bottom of the design provide clear playback. Click through to see pictures of the phone concept:

Mark DiLella

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