The host of the future Summer Games is preparing by enlarging and focusing on its "professional" education programs.

Brazil is challenging the status quo via a serious investment in vocational education and it is an approach that is perhaps both creative and relative given the current economic environment. A growing oil and gas industry coupled with the anticipated 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics has created much activity in the country. The government is responding by increasing its vocational education funding from $385 million to an approximate $3.8 billion. More importantly it should be noted that the perspective around ‘vocational’ training has been altered entirely, Brazil now refers to it as ‘professional’ education. This is reflective of its understanding of the overall economic conditions locally and globally. It has been successful creating a ripple effect on the ground whereby with the growth of government-funded technical institutes, enrollment has increased sharply from an average 102,000 students to roughly 401,000 . As reported in Good:

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