Lemonopoly is an online game that encourages the lemon trading economy, matching people who grow the produce with those who want to buy the citrus fruit.

We’ve already seen public transport and library indexing both gamified, so it is perhaps no surprise to now see that same thinking applied to lemon trees. Aiming to encourage existing food growing in urban areas,Lemonopoly is an online game that also serves to locate, preserve and distribute the wealth of citrus fruit naturally found in California.

Created by designer Chacha Sikes and programmer Anselm Hook during the Creative Currency hackathon in San Francisco recently, the game places local residents into three teams based on city – San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. The cities are already home to lemon trees located in homeowners’ gardens, urban farms and public spaces. Users score points for their team when they add a tree to the map, add a tree that produces edible fruit, share lemons from a tree they own, offer to teach others how to aid lemon distribution and team up with a grocery willing to sell local fruit.

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