Start Gambling On The Way To The Casino With Taxi Roulette

Start Gambling On The Way To The Casino With Taxi Roulette

'Play on the Way' engages Italian riders in a fun game on their way to Casinó Campione D'Italia.

Allie Walker
  • 7 may 2012

The Casinó Campione D’Italia has devised a fun way to get more people through the doors of their casino.  Although it’s a world-renowned luxury casino, it’s challenged by its location- the casino is nestled in the small Italian enclave of Campione in Switzerland, separated from the rest of Italy by Lake Lugano and mountains.

The closest city to Casinó Campione D’Italia is Como, roughly 28 km (17 miles) and over a half-hour drive from the casino.  Taxi rides can get pricey, so in an effort to entice potential guests to take the long ride, Casinó Campione D’Italia created the ‘Play On The Way’ game.

‘Play On The Way’ engages the rider in a game of mobile roulette- 50 taxis in Como were outfitted with a roulette board (and ball) on the wheel of the car. Before starting the trip riders tell the driver their bet, and on arrival at the casino, if they’ve picked the winning number, they receive a free dinner at the casino; if they’ve guessed incorrectly, they walk away with free admission to the casino.

It’s a win-win for riders, and so far, it’s a winning promotion for the casino- Casinó Campione D’Italia has seen an overall double-digit (14%) increase in traffic, with a 9% increase in traffic from people who had never visited a casino before.  The brand name has also increased dramatically in value, with Casinó Campione D’Italia seeing a 20% spike in brand equity since starting the promotion.

Watch a video of ‘Play On The Way’ to see the campaign in action:

Casinó Campione D’Italia

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