Raise Money For Charity By Bribing Celebs

Raise Money For Charity By Bribing Celebs

Charity Bribes allows people to pledge money to a charity in exchange for a celebrity completing a specified challenge.

Emma Hutchings
  • 17 may 2012

Charity Bribes‘ mission is to make the world a better place and have some fun in the process. The platform, created by William Spencer and Chris Baker, lets people pledge money to bribe a celebrity to complete a challenge. If the celebrity takes the bribe and accomplishes the challenge within 30 days, the money raised goes to the charity indicated, and if they don’t, no one is charged. Users can also vote on future bribes and submit their own ideas.

The first bribe in the name of charity was to get Larry David to join Twitter. In 30 days, 103 bribers pledged $10,163 to the Natural Resources Defense Council. David had 30 days to take the bribe, join Twitter, and trigger the donation to the NRDC, which he did:

Raising Money For Charity By Bribing Celebs

The next bribe up on the site is to get Conan O’Brien to interview a guest on his show wearing an eye patch & black turtleneck while holding a pipe.

Charity Bribes

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