Vergence Labs hopes to introduce 'social video electric eyewear,' glasses that would act like a video camera with a 1st person point of view.

For anyone who has ever wanted to be a spy- or at least act like one, Vergence Labs has created a pair of computer-enabled sunglasses that can record video and audio.

The glasses look similar to classic Ray-Bans- or as co-founders Erick Miller and Jon Rodriguez describe on their Kickstarter page, the glasses are

fashioned after the classic yet edgy beatnik James Dean, Buddy Holly, Clark Kent styles that are geeky yet rebellious, stylish, and sci-fi comic-book superhero, all at the same time.

Look cool like a spy, check. And act like a spy? The glasses can be turned on and off with a push of a button- when turned on, they capture what’s happening from the wearer’s perspective, recording audio and video without needing any additional bulky cameras or equipment. Push another button and control the darkness of the glasses- use them indoors with a clear lens and wear them outdoors with a tinted lens.

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