Computer Grows Wheatgrass In Temperature-Controlled Soil

Computer Grows Wheatgrass In Temperature-Controlled Soil

Tech and organic combine as the heat from the computer controls the environment for the living plant life.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 may 2012

Tech geek Mike Schropp, of Total Geekdom, has built his own ‘bio computer’, a mixture of tech and organic elements, that grows wheatgrass in his basement. After reading different studies and papers on the effects of soil temperature and germination with wheatgrass, he became hooked on the idea of using computer heat to control the temperature of the soil. Using a donated computer and a couple of extra components that cost just $10, Schropp made some modifications to take advantage of the heat generated by the computer in order to warm the soil and assist with germination and growth.

There is something clean and natural about the look and idea of a piece of grass growing in my basement. I thought the look would alter the space a little bit and add a bit of color along with something more than just metals and plastics.

There is a detailed explanation of how he built the ‘bio computer’ on the blog and you can click through to see pictures of the machine below:

Total Geekdom

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