Using the British Punk Rock Band Sideburns' 1977 chart as a guide, Simon Rogers asks, 'do you need to be part of a major news operation or work for a big media company to be a data journalist, or can anyone do it?'

This article titled “Anyone can do it. Data journalism is the new punk” was written by Simon Rogers, for on Thursday 24th May 2012 12.00 UTC

This is a chord… this is another… this is a third. NOW FORM A BAND

So went the first issue of British punk fanzine Sideburns in 1977 in the “first and last part in a series”.

It might be 35 years old, but this will do nicely as a theory of data journalism in 2012.

Why? Arguably punk was most important in its influence, encouraging kids in the suburbs to take up instruments, with little or no musical training. It represented a DIY ethos and a shake-up of the old established order. It was a change.

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