David Beckham Plays A Beethoven Symphony With Soccer Balls

David Beckham Plays A Beethoven Symphony With Soccer Balls

The soccer star promotes Samsung's Galaxy Note and its ties to the Olympics by creating a musical tune using drums.

Allie Walker
  • 24 may 2012

PSFK Coverage Of The 2012 London Olympics

Samsung needed an ad that would simultaneously promote the new Galaxy Note smartphone and their sponsorship of the upcoming Olympics, so they enlisted the help of footballer David Beckham and agency Cheil USA to create a memorable, fun spot.

They wanted to show off the Galaxy Note’s unique features- the larger than average screen and the illustrative capabilities of the phone’s S Pen- while incorporating Beckham (their Olympic Games Ambassador) in a natural way. Lars Bastholm, chief creative officer at Cheil USA was adamant about Beckham not acting in the spot, saying, ‘that’s not what [footballers] do, they play sports, and that’s what they are good at.’ So instead, Bastholm decided to highlight Beckham’s strength– precision kicking.

The web-exclusive ad (shot in under 2 hours!) starts with Beckham entering a ‘set’ scattered with soccer balls and a 15 ft. wall filled with variously-sized drums. A director walks over and gives Beckham instructions on which drums to aim for (and when) by drawing on the Galaxy Note’s screen with the S Pen. Beckham starts to kick the soccer balls and the drums begin to reverberate with various tones as they’re hit. The tune is unrecognizable at first, but it slowly begins to dawn on the viewer that Beckham is playing Beethoven’s ‘Ode To Joy’ with his series of kicks.

Although the sound was added into the spot post-production, the ad cleverly, and seamlessly, promotes the phone, Beckham’s natural abilities, and Samsung’s ties to the Olympics. Even if viewers don’t immediately associate ‘Ode To Joy’ with the Olympic Games, the tune has actually been used in several Opening Ceremonies and Olympic commercials.

Watch David Beckham kick his way through ‘Ode To Joy’ below:

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