5 Innovative Design Ideas To Help The Elderly Cope With Dementia [Videos]

5 Innovative Design Ideas To Help The Elderly Cope With Dementia [Videos]

Creative designs and solutions to help tackle a mental health condition among the aging population.

Yi Chen
  • 8 may 2012

One in three people will experience some form of dementia before they reach the age of 65. The medical condition affects the mental function and can result in memory loss, poor motor skills, and an inability to communicate. The UK’s Design Council launched a 12-month Design Challenge that asked the design community to come up with products and services that address this issue.

Recently, five ideas have been selected and each one explained via a short film produced by Why Not Associates. These ideas will also be receiving funding from the Design Council to further develop the concept.

The Buddiband high-tech personal alarm system can be worn seamlessly around the wrist. It has GPS tracking that aims to provide security and confidence for people living with dementia to go out.

Trading Times is a web-based service that matches people who care for those with dementia with local businesses for flexible paid work, providing opportunities to earn and stay connected with society.

Loss of appetite is a common problem with late-stages of dementia. Ode is a system where a special fragrance is released throughout the day to stimulate appetite.

It is sometimes hard for families and care-givers to coordinate and keep in touch with someone with dementia. Grouple hopes to address this issue with a private online social network.

The Dementia Dog is a service dog to assist those diagnosed with dementia and help them lead a more “fulfilled, independent and stress-free lives.”

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