Design Duo Rethinks The Sink & Encourage Users To Customize It Online [NY Design Week 2012]

Design Duo Rethinks The Sink & Encourage Users To Customize It Online [NY Design Week 2012]

The Bouroullec Brothers have created a modular solution for the bathroom that lets users customize their fixture for maximum space efficiency.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 26 may 2012

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are the design duo brothers known for creatively solving design problems using modular components. Their latest project for the bathroom fixture company Axor brings the humble sink into the twenty first century. The line is called ‘Feel Free to Compose’ and development started with the simple question; “How can we give end users the maximum freedom to create their own custom bathrooms”?

Their solution is a system of cleverly design components which can be combined or arranged in seemingly endless combinations. While that seem quite open ended and possibly daunting for consumers, the key to the project is an online design app called the Composer which encourages freedom but also aids in streamlining decision making.

Users start by selecting a sink type and them dragging and dropping accessories. Placement isn’t just limited to the sink area, mixers, controls and accessories can be located on the wall, counter top or counter edge depending on how the user wants the sink to function and look. The app does have boundaries though and will clearly show for example areas where a spout cannot be placed because mounting would be difficult.

Aside from the app, the design of the sink basin and accessories are innovative. Functionality has been improved with built in shelves and tray to hold soap, toothpaste, sponges, ect. The Bouroullec Brothers have balanced creating a beautifully designed solution which still allows users to adapt it to their needs.



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