Digitally Touch Someone Far Away Using Your Smartphone Screen

Digitally Touch Someone Far Away Using Your Smartphone Screen

An interesting app concept promises a renewed sense of connection with those we care about using dual real-time tactile sensations and vibrations.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 3 may 2012

Feel Me is a new app concept designed by Marco Triverio that aims to facilitate interaction and a renewed sense of connection among smartphone users using real-time tactile sensations. Inspired by the insight that tactile sensations are essential in human communication and can be mediated through smartphones, Triverio created Feel Me as an interaction trigger on an iPhone similar to a plug-in. Once installed on two smartphones, Feel Me can follow the touch patterns of both users and send vibrations to both phones once the fingers of the users touch the same “zone,” thereby mediating the sense of connection through touch. Whether you’re poking a friend or saying hello to a loved one across the sees, Feel Me adds a unique personal touch in the way we communicate over great distances, or even small ones.

Watch the demonstration of Feel Me in the video below:

Feel Me

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