Ed Cotton: What Is Pepsi’s New Real-Time Strategy?

Ed Cotton: What Is Pepsi’s New Real-Time Strategy?

The beverage giant has launched a new marketing campaign that includes a partnership with Twitter that involves a number of pop-up concerts.

Ed Cotton, BSSP
  • 14 may 2012

Brands now have to tell stories in real-time, one of the most ambitious current attempts at this are Pepsi latest global marketing campaign- “Live for Now” which is now breaking across a variety of different media.

The digital component is “Pepsi Pulse” which uses data from Social Flow to populate a new dashboard for pop culture and entertainment news. This platform integrates a range of content including celebrity Tweets and Tweets containing relevant hashtags.

Another component of the campaign is a partnership with Twitter that involves a number of pop-up concerts.

The idea of the digital campaign is to take the brand full steam into the social space by creating a conversation with its audience around the pop culture topics and celebrities they’re passionate about. This is true to Pepsi’s history and DNA that comes from its past campaigns with high profile musicians.

The digital component of the campaign is being led by Shiv Singh, Pepsi’s Global Head of Digital, who we are delighted to have as a speaker atInflux’s Back to Storytelling Basics Conference in NYC on May 23rd.

The Influx conference explores the concept of storytelling from a variety of angles- from the perspective of filmmakers, musicians and cartoonists, through to the brand storytellers themselves, from established brands like Pepsi and newcomers Warby Parker.

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Ed Cotton is the Director of Strategy at BSSP, and is curious about all things relating to brands, marketing and culture. Read more at influx insights.


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