Clothing Store Displays Real-Time Facebook ‘Like Counter’ On Hangers

Clothing Store Displays Real-Time Facebook ‘Like Counter’ On Hangers

Brazilian retailer C&A uses social media to help indecisive shoppers get a 'second opinion' while in the store.

Allie Walker
  • 11 may 2012

A Brazilian clothing store, C&A Brazil, has figured out a way to help alleviate a common anxiety women experience while shopping:

‘What will my friends think? Will they like this outfit?’

C&A created the ‘Fashion Like’ campaign, merging social media activity with in-store shopping behavior. The company uploaded pictures of select items from their clothing line to Facebook, telling fans to let them know which items they loved with a ‘like.’ In stores, specially programmed electronic hangers with ‘like counters’ featured the selected clothing items and updated the ‘likes’ for each item in real-time, letting indecisive shoppers know which items were the most popular online.

This service also relieved girlfriends, boyfriends, and partners in Brazil from the often hazardous ‘second-opinion’ duty.

See a video of the ‘Fashion Like’ campaign and scroll through photos below:


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