What Are The Five Big Ideas For 2012? [Video]

What Are The Five Big Ideas For 2012? [Video]

PSFK's Director of Consulting sits down with five young stars of the industry to discuss topics like 'Co-Sharing,' 'SocialPairing,' and 'ME-TV.'

Allie Walker
  • 26 may 2012

In this video from PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2012, PSFK’s Director of Consulting, Scott Lachut, leads a trends panel to discuss the wider implications of Five Big Ideas PSFK identified at the start of 2012. Joining him on stage were a diverse group of speakers who included Brett Martin of Sonar, a social discovery network, David Polinchock of AT&T Labs, the innovation arm of the telecommunications company, Idan Cohen of Boxee, a new way to watch streaming TV, John Pugh of Boehringer Ingelheim, a pharma company with a strong social strategy, and Michael Karnjanaprakorn of Skillshare, a peer-to-peer learning model.

The conversation kicked off with a discussion on how the issue of personal data and privacy influences people’s relationship with services and brands. Later on in the conversation, the panel spoke on the topic of disintermediation, exploring how likeminded communities of individuals are shaking up industries from education and healthcare to banking and manufacturing, and what role (if any) brands can play in this changing marketplace.

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