How Two Designers Turn Inspiration Into Unique Picture Fonts

How Two Designers Turn Inspiration Into Unique Picture Fonts

Nicole and Petra Kapitza create bold illustrations, drawing inspiration from nature, people, and software. Their new book, Organic, explores organic shapes and structures.

Allie Walker
  • 8 may 2012

Kapitza is a multi-disciplinary design studio in East London run by sisters Nicole and Petra Kapitza who share a passion for print, pattern, nature, minimalism and colour.  The sisters draw inspiration from nature, people and software, and have developed extensive series of unique picture fonts and illustrations that lie somewhere between image resource and art project. Their picture fonts and artworks are bright, colourful and minimalist, featuring abstract graphic art and flower illustrations in bold colour compositions and compelling arrangements. PSFK spoke to Nicole and Petra about their unique work.

Tape font, Kapitza

We’ve been following your work for a while now, can you describe what your company does?

We work across a range of media, including non-alphanumeric fonts, iPad apps and three-dimensional work. We also collaborate with a variety of international clients to create exhibitions and products featuring their distinctive artworks, such as stationery, canvasses, calendars, wall stickers and tiles, textiles and postage stamps.

Wave font, Kapitza

Aren’t fonts supposed to be letters? How do designers use your work?

Most fonts are of course letters, but printer’s ornaments (or dingbats) have been around since moveable type printing commenced in the 15th century. And the endless possibilities of the font format keep inspiring us to create new fonts and projects based around them.

Designers use our work like they would use other vector images. The advantage of using one of our fonts is that the designer gets a whole set of images which are designed to work together and complement each other.


Orbit Font, Kapitza

How has the type of things you create fonts about changed over the last 18 months? What’s driving this?

Over the last 2 years we have been exploring organic shapes and structures, which resulted in our new book Organic. We are also releasing the organic pattern fonts used in the book (see Orbit, Tape and Wave at

Can you talk about the iPad app? What is it for?

Our iPad and iPhone app Geometric is a pattern generator app which creates a new pattern when you swipe the screen. The patterns are all unique and generated on the fly using our Geometric fonts and other parameters like color palettes, sequences and sizes. We are currently working on version 1.1 which will allow the user to ‘lock’ any of these parameters, to have more control over the patterns which are created. The app is for all creatives and pattern lovers, it works as a source of inspiration and a tool to create backgrounds and wallpapers.

What’s next from Kapitza?

An update of the Geometric app (see above) + more organic fonts. We are also working with some great companies on iPhone skins, textiles, canvases and more. To find out about our latest projects, please sign up to our monthly newsletter, or you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Like Kapitza’s work as much as we do? Kapitza is giving away a copy of Organic to one lucky PSFK reader! To enter to win the book,  leave a comment on this Facebook post about what design you’d love to see Kaptiza do next. They’ll choose the one they like best and send the book to you.

Take a sneak peak of what’s inside Organic:


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