How do architecture, urbanism and transportation intersect in the creation of cities and local infrastructure.

PSFK was recently invited to attend an Urban Mobility Salon, hosted at BMW’s iVentures office in New York City. The Salon focused on architecture, urbanism, parking, and how the three combine to create our existing and future urban transportation solutions. It also addressed the role of transportation hubs and parking structures as key building blocks for urbanism, and the drastic affect these elements have on quality of life for those living inside and outside of urban environments.

In dense urban centers, where property values are very high, cars and the infrastructure that supports them are going to get squeezed out of the transportation mix. This seems inevitable, as cities such as New York have already begun to reclaim their streets from the driving masses.  Organizations such as The Regional Plan Association are planning for this inevitable future and are thinking about inter-modal transportation. Specifically, what the transportation network will look like, and how it will function, when travelers/commuters must take a car to a train to a city where people walk, ride bikes, or take public transportation (or some version of that mix).

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