Functional Furniture Set Doubles As A Greenhouse

Functional Furniture Set Doubles As A Greenhouse
Design & Architecture

'Furnibloom' plexiglass table and stools double as transparent portable greenhouses to grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Emma Hutchings
  • 29 may 2012

Landscape architect Dagný Bjarnadóttir’s plexiglass furniture can be used to plant herbs, vegetables and flowers. ‘Furnibloom‘ tables and stools double as mini greenhouses, combining stylish and simple furniture with multiple functionality. You can use them for seating and dining in a garden or on a balcony, while growing your plants inside the containers. To add water or collect some greens to eat, simply remove the lids of the transparent furniture pieces, and then replace them to sit down. Click through to see pictures of the tables and stools:


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