Gucci Reveals Sustainable Bamboo-Inspired Sunglasses

Gucci Reveals Sustainable Bamboo-Inspired Sunglasses

Italian luxury house is going 'green' with its newest addition-- liquid-wood eyewear.

Lamya Hussain
  • 25 may 2012




The Italian luxury house Gucci has been slowly revealing a new line of bio-based frames synthesized from castor seeds. In its effort to incorporate ‘green’ into their design, Gucci is now marketing its first-ever sunglasses made with liquid wood. The material is a combination of wood fibers sourced from sustainable forests, lignin from the paper-manufacturing process, and natural wax. This product is bio-degradable unlike the standard petroleum based plastic frames used by eyewear brands.

Rossella Ravagli, Gucci’s corporate social responsibility manager tells Copenhagen Fashion Summit attendees:

Since 1921, Gucci has been about quality, but nowadays quality goes hand in hand with sustainability.

In addition, Gucci is partnering with Safilo to develop a prototype with a semi-matte black frame and gray ombre glass lenses. The idea is to also invest in recycled metal to create the hinges while designing a piece that is foldable and compact. In detailing all of these specifics, Gucci is aiming to brand itself as an environmentally conscience eyewear brand without compromising on quality or luxury.


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