Guinness QR Code Pint Glass Can Only Be Scanned When Full

Guinness QR Code Pint Glass Can Only Be Scanned When Full

The beer brand created a product-activated QR code that could only be seen when the glass is filled with their dark brew.

Allie Walker
  • 21 may 2012

Guinness wanted to get more people talking about the brand, so they gave local bars some new pint glasses. At first glance, the glasses looked like a regular pints- but bartenders and patrons learned that when they were filled with a Guinness, the glasses were actually printed with a QR code.

Created by BBDO NY, the QR code could only be scanned when a Guinness (or for argument’s sake, any dark beverage) was in the pint glass; regular beer didn’t create enough contrast, and when nothing was in the glass, the QR code just looked like a creatively etched design on the side of the cup.

When bar-goers scanned the QR code with their smartphones, the app shared the news to friends that they were enjoying a Guinness via twitter, foursquare, Facebook, and Instagram updates. Scanning the QR code even sent out the bar-goers’ locations– with the hope being that friends who saw the updates would join their pals at the bar for more Guinness drinking.



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