Hanging Markers Invite Users To Graffiti Bathroom Stalls [Pics]

Hanging Markers Invite Users To Graffiti Bathroom Stalls [Pics]

Design studio rethinks the everyday public space with creative and quirky ideas.

Yi Chen
  • 31 may 2012

German design studio TULP, has created a series of new toilet cubicles for Munich-based advertising agency Webguerillas. One of the cubicles include colorful markers hanging from the ceiling via magnets, to encourage users to doodle and write on the white space.

Another cubicle brings out the narcissism of the users, with many small mirrors hanging from all sides of the wall and ceiling. The other cubicle ensures that the user will always have toilet paper as it’s decorated with rolls of paper hanging from the ceiling. The blue light casted gives the impression of a ‘paper sky.’

Click through the images below to see more examples of the creative commodes.


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