A Taiwanese airline has used the iconic Japanase cartoon characte to decorate planes, food and staff uniforms.

A Taiwanese airline has used the iconic Japanase cartoon character Hello Kitty to decorate their planes and staff uniforms. EVA air are flying three planes across its routes and the service will be decked out with motifs of the playful cat – from check-in to food-service.

Talking about the theme of one jet plane, the airline says:

“The concept that inspires the apple jet is Hello Kitty loves apples. Apples care very close to hello kitty's heart. She is five apples tall and weighs three apples. Her favorite food is her mother's homemade apple pie. Depicted along the fuselage of this aircraft are Hello Kitty and her friends, who happily share their sweet apples with EVA air's passengers.”

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