In the middle of Helsinki, local church parishes have built a mysterious structure that promises to relieve modern existential anxieties.

In the Kamppi neighborhood of Helsinki, a group of local church parishes have joined together in erecting a structure that will offer refuge from the cognitive assault familiar in modern cities around the world. Named the Chapel Of Silence, this structure, built almost entirely out of wood, is a haunting, spherical landmark that rises out of the center of the city like a phantom ship run aground.

Designed by architecture studio K2S, the organic materials and shapes used in the building’s design form a deliberate juxtaposition to the artificial structures and surfaces found in Helsinki and any other city for that matter. Inside the chapel you’ll find rows of pews designed to fit 70 visitors and an all encompassing, absolute silence. There will be church members on hand, but the chapel’s purpose is purportedly not overtly religious so much as a space for uninterrupted silence and contemplation.

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