The Motorcycle Transformed From Recreation Vehicle Into High-Tech Energy Solution

The Motorcycle Transformed From Recreation Vehicle Into High-Tech Energy Solution

Michaael Czysz has been featured by the Syfy network as a designer to watch because of his electric motorcycle that eco-friendly and winning races.

Allie Walker
  • 25 may 2012

Syfy recently aired a series of advertisements with the tagline ‘let’s imagine greater,’ celebrating the type of people who inspire their programming content and viewers–the curious and creative individuals who see the world a little bit differently.

One of the ads features Michael Czysz, creator of the MotoCzysz, a motorcycle that can reach speeds over 225 mph- without a drop of gasoline.  Named ‘The World’s Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle,’ by Popular Science, the MotoCzysz  reimagines what a motorcycle can be, pushing the limits of what’s possible in pursuit of fixing a problem: the dependence on oil. Michael and his family have built motorcycles for over one hundred years, evolving the recreation motorcycle into a high-tech, eco-friendly energy solution:

Oil is finite, and we will not have oil like we do in the next 100 years.  Imagination and innovation is the only way forward, this is in fact what’s going to solve our problems.

The MotoCzysz bikes are certainly different from other motorcycles on the road- not only do they use an alternative energy source, they also look different, featuring an innovative design. And most importantly, for motorcycle enthusiasts who doubt the power of an electric bike, the MotoCzysz bikes also perform better than traditional motorcycles- when the MotoCzysz E1pc won the 2010 IT Zero Race for electric bikes at the Isle of Man TT, it was the first American bike to win at the race in 99 years.

Watch Michael Czysz talk about his inspiration for MotoCzysz below (plus learn more about the MotoCzysz and Michael’s family on the ‘Let’s Imagine Greater‘ website):


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