GE's interactive exhibit at Creative Week NYC enables participants to construct a holographic model of the company's latest jet engine.

As a part of Creative Week NYC, technology behemoth GE has created Throttle Up, a large-scale interactive hologram experience that allows guests to virtually build and examine a life-sized rendering of the company’s newest  and most advanced jet engine, the GEnx.

Between now and May 11, from 11am to 9pm, the general public is invited to experience the exhibit for themselves at St. Ann’s Warehouse in DUMBO.

After a short video tutorial explaining how to use the gesture-based interface of the exhibit, participants are brought into a dark room with a large holographic screen displaying 200 individual engine pieces (rendered from the actual CAD files of the GEnx) floating in space above a glowing night skyline. Using the Kinect-enabled interface, guests swipe and pull the separate objects together to form larger, more complex machinery. Eventually, all the parts come together to form a photo-realistic, interactive rendering of the GEnx jet engine. The engine floats in space for a moment, allowing users to “pull” it closer to them, rotate it and examine the intricate details of it’s design. Eventually, the engine takes it’s place on the right wing of a passenger plane and a users are treated with a blast of air as the GEnx propels the plane into the night sky.

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