New Hotel In Reykjavik Designed To Double As Public Square [Pics]

New Hotel In Reykjavik Designed To Double As Public Square [Pics]

OOIIO architecture are updating an existing city plaza with a design that provides open spaces for people to enjoy.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 may 2012

OOIIO architecture‘s design for a new hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland creates new types of public spaces for the existing plaza. According to designboom, the combined public/hotel design for Ingolfstorg splits the large hotel into two smaller ones so the buildings fit in with the location. OOIIO architecture then decided to provide new and interesting public areas as well as meeting the client’s requirements for hotel space and facilities.

They have designed an open space on the lower level that can be used as a theater, with restaurants, shops and the hotel lobby facing it. From there, people can take an escalator up to the public sculptural hotel roof, where they can enjoy a panoramic view. Click through to see pictures of the design:

OOIIO architecture

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