For their humorous mattress campaign in Australia, Swedish sleep expert Alvar Karlsson identifies seven styles including the starfish and the snuggler.

In this humorous mattress campaign from IKEA, Swedish sleep expert Alvar Karlsson claims to have identified 7 categories of sleeper in Australia. There is the starfish (requires a mattress with a larger surface area), the log (common in students, impossible to wake up), the black belt (highly unpredictable), the snuggler (loves to be close to a companion), the hokey pokey (sleeps with one leg out of the bed), the chatterbox (talks and gossips during sleep), and the tosser and turner (fights the stress and struggles of the day). There are also links to individual videos for each type, with mattress suggestions for each. The campaign aims to show that no matter what kind of sleeper you are, IKEA has the perfect mattress to suit your needs. Check out the video below:

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