The 'gTar' is a digital guitar with an iPhone dock and interactive LEDs along the fretboard that show you how to play each song by lighting up.

The gTar, created by Incident, is a digital guitar that claims to be “the first guitar that anybody can play.” Dock your iPhone in the body, load the free gTar app, select a song from the library, and the interactive LEDs along the fretboard will show you how to play it. Instead of pickups that amplify the sound of the vibrating strings, the gTar has sensors that detect what you're playing in real-time and relay each note to your iPhone, which produces the actual sound.

The gTar has three difficulty levels. On Easy, you only need to play the open strings, and the intuitive SmartPlay feature mutes out incorrect notes as you play. Medium difficulty lets you play the frets and strings at the same time, while still backing you up with Smart Play. On Hard, the gTar will continue to display the correct notes but SmartPlay is removed, so every note you play will ring out.

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