Man Implants iPad Nano Into His Arm

Man Implants iPad Nano Into His Arm
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Professional body piercer Dave Hurban causes controversy by inserting magnetic studs into his forearms that allow him to attach and detach gadgets.

Plus Aziz
  • 16 may 2012

Dave Hurban’s video on Youtube generated 900,000 views in two weeks, when he debuted his body piercing at a convention in Baltimore. The professional body piercer created a buzz with his strapless music player by implanting 4-magnetic studs (called microdermal anchors) under his skin. This enables him to place an iPod Nano and other light gadgets on his forearms without the use of a strap. The magnets are strong enough that the music player won’t budge when he goes out for a jog.

Check out the video below to see the gadget piercing in action:

The initiative has drawn mostly positive feedback, but there are some negative comments, including criticism from the Association of Professional Piercers. Much of the responses can be seen here on Tumblr.

Recognizing just how “different” this type of modification is, Hurban told NBC that he does not plan on continuing to use only Apple products. We look forward to see what other brands and lightweight gadgets Dave Hurban works with next.


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