The Japanese electronics maker debuts a new line of ultrathin laptops, even one equipped with an air filtration system to purify the in your home or office.

Japanese electronics manufacturer – Fujitsu has produced the world’s first air-cleaning laptop. The AH78 features a “nanoe” air purification unit, which the company claims can reduce tobacco smell, pollen, and fungi from the air. Fujitsu reports 99% reduction of such airborne smells and allergens in its internal testing.

It is the first notebook PC to incorporate this type of air purification technology, which has to date only been employed in Fujitsu desktop PCs. This air-purifying laptop is just one of three new models debuting in Japan this summer. Fujitsu is also launching the world’s thinnest ultrabook – the UH75, which measures at only 15.9mm thick. And finally, the SH76 is an ultrathin laptop with an integrated optical disk drive.

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