Laptops And Coffee-Maker Create An Electronic Symphony

Laptops And Coffee-Maker Create An Electronic Symphony

Denys Sanz and Marco Domenichetti, programmers from Barcelona, create an 'Home Electronics Orchestra' (OOEEVV) that explores the idea of music and culture.

Allie Walker
  • 25 may 2012

All you need to create an orchestra is a few friends, a couple of laptops, and a… coffee maker?

In this wild video, programmers Denys Sanz and Marco Domenichetti create harmony by synchronizing various electronic devices over Wi-Fi with Max For Live, ‘a visual programming environment that allows users to build instruments and effects for use within Ableton Live.’ Each ‘player’ in the orchestra, including the projection-mapped coffee maker, contribute unique sounds to the four-minute song- Aleix Tobias is in charge of the drums and Pablo Selnik plays the flute (via laptops, of course) while the coffee maker’s drip blends into the digitally programmed orchestration.

The two programmers created the ‘Home Electronics Orchestra’ (OOEEVV) as an orchestra that anyone, anywhere could play; they define the word ‘orchestra’ as ‘a collective…a group of intelligent people and technological possibilities.’ They explain the impetus behind OOEEVV:

Because we need a complex art player (music, theater, image, literature …) that can adapt to modernity and the future with regard to media, tastes, financing, artistic genre.

Because you need a way to ensure the survival of artistic communication (and hence culture) that does not conflict with the mass audience and get to keep both the spirit and aesthetic of critical citizenship.

Because it takes decisive action by a group that is able to see, to understand the inevitable interaction that aims to produce art between subject and object, between sender and receiver, between author, work, performer and audience.

Watch OOEEVV below:


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