Make Any Screen A Touchscreen With A Tiny Camera

Make Any Screen A Touchscreen With A Tiny Camera

By using sensor technology from the Microsoft Kinect to give any Windows display gesture capability, Ubi Interactive asks us to think twice before getting rid of our old screens.

Carib Guerra
  • 31 may 2012

Ubi Interactive, the three person team of Anup Chathoth, Chao Zhang, and David Hajizadeh, has created a novel way to turn any surface into an interactive touchscreen. Ubi’s hardware is the same cutting edge motion and depth sensor camera from the Microsoft Kinect. When the camera is aimed at a computer display, the Ubi software turns a user’s movements into gesture commands, allowing you to do away with your mouse for good. The device can also be paired with a projector in order to turn a wall or table into an interactive display.

Check out a demo video from one user below:

And see a professional demo video on the Ubi Interactive website.

Ubi Interactive

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