Concept lets visitors listen to different places in one spot.

Exploring a new city entices all our five sense, so a tourist map shouldn't only just highlight what there is to see. Nicola Hume, a product design graduate from the University of Dundee has developed the Listen Here. It's a concept map that allow users to place a stethoscope-shaped RFID reader over specific points on a map to listen to real-time streamed sounds.

Microphones are placed around the city and are pin-pointed by red dots on the Listen Here map. There is still room for improvement with the concept, such as how to avoid people tampering with the microphones, and also addressing privacy concerns such as someone accidentally eavesdropping on a personal conversation. However, Listen Here is an innovative idea to showcase a city to a new visitor and entice them to “stray from the beaten track and learn about real, local life.”

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