Marc Newson’s x Pentax Want Customers To Try Before They Buy

Marc Newson’s x Pentax Want Customers To Try Before They Buy

PSFK took sleek mirror-less camera for a test-drive at the interactive event at the STORY space in NYC.

Wesley Robison
  • 19 may 2012

PSFK recently attended STORY space’s Color story promotion event. The retail space reinvents their store every 6-8 weeks, coupling relevant events with curated products around a theme. Recently they partnered with Cool Hunting and Pentax to lend cameras out while people were walking through the High Line park and Chelsea. The event gave tourists, or any one sauntering through the park, the chance to capture the picturesque neighborhood, while the colorfully designed camera was a match for the current retail design story.

We took the chance to play with the new Pentax K-01 camera and took some photos of the area and talked with Pentax about the camera’s fetures. Marc Newsom’s simplified design and vibrant color options gives the camera an impactful look, while remaining approachable and well balanced for pro-am users. The Mirror-less design offers a wide range of features and using Pentax’s K-mount lets users chose from the over 25+ million lenses that they have released over the years. The camera is a blend of functionality and style to match the wide, but increasingly professional, DSLR fan base in a reduced user interface for quick and agile shooting.

Ned Brunnell, the president of Pentax, was kind enough to walk PSFK through the thoughts behind the design and highlight unique features. The camera came with a 40mm pancake lens whose sleek design left just enough room to control the focus ring. The K-01 features a 16 megapixel sensor with a 3 inch LCD screen, through which you can clearly view what you are shooting, whether video or still images. The camera body is imbedded with shake reduction technology, letting photographers use a plethora of interchangeable lenses, regardless of stabilization technology on the lens, allowing users to capture crisp images. Ned also pointed out the focus peaking feature that helps users highlight the specific area they are looking to capture, especially useful in shooting soft-focus subjects with precision.

The video below shows the benefits of focus peaking and how it looks on the cameras hi-quality viewing screen.

The Mirror-less camera system and Marc Newson’s design compliment each other, as the camera is boiled down to the most important features for quickly producing quality images. The camera limits the amount of tweaking and saturation added to the raw image formats, letting users retouch and edit their images as they see fit after downloading. There are also a handful of artistic features to edit images in-camera. The camera body fits simply in-hand and its even balance removes some the the lens-forward tilt experienced with similar cameras. The look and the feel rise to meet the high design name.

Thanks to STORY Space and Cool Hunting for organizing this great chance for anyone to try out the Pentax cameras. Take a look at the gallery for pictures we shot during our day at the Highline Park in Chelsea.



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