Pink Noise Minimizes Workplace Distractions & Complaints

Pink Noise Minimizes Workplace Distractions & Complaints

Company tackles the growing issue of employees talking in an open-space office by playing sound the same frequecy as the human voice.

Yi Chen
  • 23 may 2012

With more companies preferring an open space layout, this has led to rising complaints of office noise and the lack of privacy for informal chats. Software company Autodesk has come up with a solution that tackles the issues. By playing a sound that is the same frequency as human voices (known as pink noise), there were less complaints about noise distractions from employees.

Pink noise sounds a lot like the ventilation system, or ocean waves. As it prevents people from getting distracted from a conversation at a near-by desk, pink noise essentially increases productivity and also encourages employees to talk and collaborate in an open office.


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